Beauty Chat: The Glamatory

Being a makeup artist or freelance artist takes hard work. It takes even more hard work to start a brick-and-mortar makeup boutique!

Let me introduce Mimi J, an Atlanta-based makeup artist who took that leap to start The Glamatory, a boutique offering makeup services and beauty brands that are hard to find at your local Ulta or Sephora shops. Located in Smyrna, just a few minutes away from downtown Atlanta, customers and artists alike can shop and learn the craft of makeup artistry.

In this video, Mimi shares how she started her career, the challenges in her business, and even added some beauty tips!

Stay tuned for more videos in 2016!

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  1. I was inspired by Mimi’s Short narration of her life. I realized that doing what you love doesn’t really need to be shown off for if you love what you do, the acknowledgement will follow. I also agree with what she said that small things can lead to bigger success if you want it to, you just have to be true to yourself. Thank you for sharing a simple yet inspirational story!

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