Happy New Year Mavens!!!

Is 2016 really here? I’m still in denial, which is why I’ve delayed the new year’s post. And I’ve been crazy busy so I haven’t posted in a while anyway!

What’s going on? Since my last post, I was promoted to Senior Esthetician at ULTA Beauty at the end of October!


Although I was pushing for the position during the summer, I was exhausted from all the tracking and beating myself up for not meeting my weekly goals.

Lesson learned: Goals are achieved in the God’s time, not our own.

The holidays were awesome, even with the hectic-ness of retail! While many slowed down between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I was on full speed with clients.

At the end of December, I reflect on the last 12 months and game plan for the new year. Vision boards are all the rage now, but you have to be strategic. Writer Chris Guillebeau refers to this as the Annual Review. Companies do year-end reviews for employees, so why not do it for yourself?

Vision board for 2016 - on 16x24" size
Vision board for 2016 – on 16×24″ size

While reflecting on this list, don’t be in beat up mode. It’s so easy to get stuck in the hole instead of using it as motivation to make things different this year! In a nutshell, what didn’t work was getting healthy! We’ll save that for another entry :-).

This year my vision board was created digitally on Microsoft Word, to be printed on 16×20″ paper and displayed prominently on my wall. They’re traditionally made with magazines, but google works much faster!

Another tradition I’ve done is sending out Happy New Year cards to personal and business contacts. It’s easier to wish a happy new year than keeping track of what holiday they celebrate! This is the best way to keep yourself on top of mind, especially for career purposes.

What am I committed to creating in 2016?

One of the many presents to myself was a new DSLR (professional camera): the Canon Rebel T5i! This was an investment in my brand and will step up the quality of my YouTube videos. My goal this year is to create content worth watching on YouTube to inspire you in your beauty dreams.

Renewed friendships. Despite a busy job and other obligations, this shouldn’t take away from making a quick phone call or coffee date with a friend. Not for a work collaboration or job schmooze…but just because. People want to be appreciated for who they are, not what they can do for you.

With that said, I must start packing for my trip! I’ll be heading to Atlanta this week, so keep up with my adventures on the IG or Snapchat (beautymaven360)!

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