Beauty Chat: Dalal Moussa of Obliphica Professional

As CEO of the Obliphica Professional haircare line, Dalal Moussa is passionate about bringing quality products to women.


In the few minutes we spoke, we instantly connected through our hair journeys (aka bleach nightmares). She schooled me on the magic of seaberry, which is the main ingredient of the line, and shared the ups and downs of running her line. After getting a press sample of their Seaberry Hair Serum, I was sold!


“Obliphica,” is the Russian word for seaberry, which has 5x more Vitamin C than an orange, and 3x more Vitamin C than carrots. Their products also contain Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids–all essential in hydrating the scalp.


With no hairdressing experience, Dalal purchased the product line after being frustrated with throwing away products that didn’t work on her damaged hair. She revamped the marketing through its luxury packaging and simple color scheme (orange is for fine/medium hair, purple for coarse hair), and now the brand is sold at Ulta and had partnered with Birchbox.

“I tried Obliphica and I could feel the difference the first time. My hair went and exhaled. It was a relaxed feeling in the shower. And I could actually run the round brush through it!” She even had me run my hand through her scalp!

Here are some more snippets during our interview…

Why did you buy the line? Because I think women today have a lot of choices. They have a lot thrown at them. We’re in control and we know what we want. We all want results. I’m just a person that threw out a lot of product because it didn’t work.


The reason why I did this is because I know for a fact that our formulas are so efficacious and of such high quality that you’re going to get your money’s worth for sure. You’re going to be happy. 99% of the responses are “oh my God, I love the product.” We were partners with Birchbox, CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women).

How long did it take for you to go from concept to market? Two years. I didn’t organically grow the brand; I purchased it. So I made it into a brand from the product line. I put a lot behind it.

Did you have any ideas that didn’t work? You have your vision on how it should be. Everybody’s got a vision, but the vision’s gotta align with yours. Passion will drive you to places and will give you energy you never thought you had.

There’s something about keeping your word as well. When you give your word and if you keep your word, it’s a damn good job.

What was a significant challenge you had? Everything was a challenge! It was a lot to learn. All of a sudden you become very responsible for people. You have to say the right things on the packaging; say what’s true. You have to be responsible. You can’t make false claims.

Be responsible and give people good product and don’t change the quality. I don’t have to make my numbers. I didn’t do it for the numbers, I did it because it’s good quality so I want to stay in line with that. People will ask, what are your sales goals? Users! 50 million users.

How did the partnership with Ulta come about? I met them at a trade show. Sampling is very important. But if you’re going to spend the money on sampling you better wholeheartedly believe in the product because the product has to work immediately. You can’t sample something and have it work in 21 days.

Obliphica-SpotlightDayWhen I first bought the brand, having someone believe in you is everything. So having people have faith in you is certainly an inspiring moment. It carries you through. It doesn’t matter how big you get, you never forget the people that got you there.

One piece of advice for beautypreneurs: You don’t know everything. You don’t know everything there is to know. Like I said, passion and faith in yourself that you’re doing the right thing. But you have to do it for a good reason. I did it because I wanted to bring good products to the market. I really think it’s important for me to give my word to you, especially if you’re going to be out there selling it.

Shop Obliphica Professional on ULTA Beauty. For salon orders, contact their US distributor, CosmoProf.

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